Submit Your Pics

For safety and courtesy of all users of the blog, please follow these submission rules and etiquette:

1. Do NOT submit a photo taken by someone other than yourself. You must be the sole owner of the copyright of any image submitted.
2. Do NOT submit underage pics. Pics must be your everyday normal girls, not some professional pornstar stripping and MUST BE OVER 18 even if they looks older. The ideal age is over 30. Do NOT submit Ex Wives, Ex Girlfriends, various kind of revenge pics.
3. You may submit your girlfriend, friend, wife, lover or… any girl who likes your camera when she’s naked ;)
4. You can submit your own pics if you’re a MILF, hot WIFE, COUGAR, MATURE…
5. You may submit large files, small files, from 6 up to 100 photos, (almost 6 pics are needed to built a gallery). Please, DON’T send me external links from which you download the pics (ChickUpload, Windows Live SlideShow, ImageFap…). I CAN’T download them. Send the pics attached to an email, better if in a zip file. If you need to send me an external link for space reasons, please send a link to a zip file.
6. Your story is needed. Write a few words on your relationship or why you have these photos/videos. NO STORY/TEXT = TRASH.
7. We do not post the MILF’s real name or location, of course! We change them before posting your story but you yourself can suggest a name for your woman or you yourself.
8. WE LINK YOUR PHOTOS TO YOUR WEBSITE if you want. Just include your link in your email. Only personal websites and not with many pop-ups, please. NO PAY SITES.
9. Your photos are used only on this site, not for commercial purposes. You can ask us to have your gallery deleted when you need. It’s your right, just write us :)

We are really pleased when we recive pictures where the models appear with the name of our website “” written on their bodies. Feel free to send all pictures you want with our name “tatooed” (you can use makeup pens) on your body, we will publish these on the “MP Friends Section”.

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